Wormhole is an Open Source project aimed to give an Open Standard, allowing people on different apps to communicate with each other through a secure, fast, and reliable protocol.

How does it work?

Intra and Inter Messaging

Only inter-app messages go through wormhole server, intra messages will have no difference. We provide client SDKs which help you to integrate with the least effort.


  • Restful APIs are provided to register users, create chats and complete with E2EE etc.
  • Websocket provides efficient messaging interface that avoids the overheads of negotiation and reduces the latency.
  • WebRTC is introduced to secure real-time voice and video calls over the web.


  • Double Ratchet algorithm is used to exchange encrypted messages based on a shared secret key
  • X3DH key agreement protocol is integrated and used as the Double Ratchet’s initial root key
  • Sesame algorithm for managing message encryption sessions in an asynchronous and multi-device setting


  • Profile and Picture names and pictures let people know who is messaging them. Wormhole service has no knowledge of them since they are end-to-end encrypted
  • Messages are protected by E2EE that wormhole and third party does not have a means to decrypt them. Only senders and intended recipients can read the messages.
  • Message Requests give you the option to block, delete, and accept messages from somebody trying to get in touch with you.

Open source, open standard

Wormhole is based on the Signal project and plan to provide

  • Open Source
    • Client SDKs ( Apache License)
    • Client reference implementation ( Android, iOS)
    • Application Server
  • Open Standard
    • Inter-service communication protocol
  • Standalone service
    • Production grad inter-service messaging service