An Open Source project aimed to give an Open Standard, allowing people on different apps to communicate with each other through a secure, fast, and reliable protocol

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Open-source GPL Licensed.

💬 Messaging

We believe there shouldn't be a border wall. People should be able messaging between Apps with no trouble.

🛡️ Security

State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption powered by Olm (based on the Double Ratchet Algorithm popularised by Signal and implemented by keeps your communications secure.

📑 Open standard

Open standard defines a set of open APIs for inter-app communication which includes registration, contact, and messaging.

🔥 Open source

Open source SDK and server side implementation will be delivered in the near future.

🔐 Privacy

User and Your Data are our top priority. Wormhole is designed NOT able to see the user's message and won't store private data.